Friday, January 22, 2016

New Whiskey Labels: Macallan, Whistlepig, Calvados & Clowns

This week's most interesting new labels from the federal TTB database:

Edrington cleared labels for some very exclusive whiskeys, a 65 year old Macallan Lalique and a 1968 Highland Park.

Whistlepig cleared a label for a 15 year old expression of its Canadian rye.

Just after I made a plea for more Calvados, French spirits importer Charles Neal cleared labels for some old Calvados from Lemorton, a 1972 and a 1987.

Well, here's something that looks super delicious! It's ASB Imitation Whisky, "distilled five times from fruit syrup."  And yes, "imitation whisky" is a real, legally defined category.

Lastly, does anyone have any theories as to why this clown is so sad?

Note:  The fact that a label appears on the TTB database does not necessarily mean it will be produced.  In addition, some details on the label, such as proof, can change in the final product.


Unknown said...

Because he's drinking one-year-old rye with a bunch of hicks in Gettysburg?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to SPIRITS OF GETTYSBURG DISTILLERY for the very worst label in the history of whiskey.

I challenge you, SKU, and your readers to come up with a label that's worse. You can't do it, because it's just not possible.

Josh Feldman said...

You'd be sad too if you were a clown in a town surrounded by 50,000 dead war heroes.

Anonymous said...

Let's try to guess the cost of a 65 Year old Macallan.

Unknown said...

What in the world does a clown have to do with Gettysburg? Even one of their beers is called Lincoln Lager. Should've been Longstreet Rye.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the earlier comment calling out SPIRITS OF GETTYSBURG DISTILLERY for the worst label in the history of whiskey.

Wow... just... wow.

Curt said...

Because it is a mug shot? Looks just like my uncle Mike when he got busted for peeing in public.

Anonymous said...

MS Paint labels. Literally.

ts said...

the whiskey is select- from a bunch of other crappy barrels,
it's 1 year old,
watered down to 40%,
bottled in Gettysburg (for no good reason),
but distilled elsewhere, (Indiana?)
has a bad pun for a brand name,
and uses this sad clown to sell booze to other sad clowns?
....what else could go wrong?

The clown is sad because the whole thing is just cruel!

Snidely Whiplash said...

That HP is interesting. Bottled in 2008 and they're just getting round to releasing it now?

Anonymous said...

Gettyburg's salute to Pagliacci?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the ATTB dropped the ball again - they've got the ABV for the Lalique at 43% when the label clearly reads 46.6%, and they OK'd the labels for both the fruity and clowny stuff with the warning statements in lower-case type. Aren't these supposed to be all caps, according to the regs? I could be wrong.

Andy said...

TTB drops many labelling balls, but ABV and volume can be changed without submitting a new label, as long as they comply with the requirements for the category (eg not below 40% for whiskey, one of the allowed bottle sizes.)

Tom Swigk said...
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