Friday, January 8, 2016

New Whiskey Labels: Scotch, Truffles and Buttons

This week's most interesting new labels from the federal TTB database:

A label cleared for a 19 year old Ledaig matured in Oloroso sherry casks.

Wild Turkey cleared a label for Bond & Lillard Bourbon, a long defunct brand.

The Last Drop cleared a label for a 50 year old cask strength blend.

New in flavored whiskey: Sonoma County Distilling cleared a label for a rye flavored with black truffles.

I've seen new distilleries promote themselves with family recipes, special water sources and lots of other claims, but this description from the label of Black Button Distillery is one of the oddest:

Since 1922, my family's button factory has provided some of the finest men's suit buttons used around the world. These buttons have closed suits worn by Presidents, Popes, and Kings. My name is Jason Barrett and it is my family's commitment to making an excellent product that inspired me to start Black Button Distilling in 2012.
Well, sure, if you can make great buttons, you can definitely make great whiskey. I mean, it's almost the same thing.

Note:  The fact that a label appears on the TTB database does not necessarily mean it will be produced.  In addition, some details on the label, such as proof, can change in the final product.


Rohan said...

Is anyone else getting an error message when you try the links? I'm getting the same message when I go to the TTB site as well.

sku said...

Seems like the TTB site is down. It happens from time to time.