Thursday, February 4, 2010

Langer's Hashes it Out

My principal rule at Langer's is don't stray from pastrami on rye. I know the #19 (pastrami with swiss and coleslaw) has its followers, but for me, you can't beat straight pastrami on their crunchy rye bread; at least, though, the #19 is still pastrami-based. With the lone exception of the chopped liver, which I get a hankering for every now and then, straying from pastrami on the Langer's menu can only result in heartache, tedium and regret.

A few weeks ago, though, on a Chowhound post, many respected Hounds heartily recommended the corned beef hash. This was intriguing. Corned beef, after all, is a close relative of pastrami, so it certainly stood to reason that this could be an acceptable menu alternative.

Well, less than a week after reading the post, I found myself at Langer's around breakfast time. Normally, I would eschew our cultural food norms and simply get a pastrami on rye for breakfast, but I remembered the hash, so I ordered it, along with matzoh brie.

The hash was all you would expect from the meat masters at Langers. It was full of crispy, greasy morsels of chopped corned beef, spiced with salt and parsley (and maybe some other herbs). There may have been a few potatoes interspersed in it, but not enough to notice. It was a revelation in hash, by far the best I've had. The matzoh brie was unexciting but it served its purpose of soaking up some of the grease that came with the hash.

Corn beef hash at Langer's - check it out!

Langer's Delicatessen
Sorry, not giving an address here. If you don't know where Langer's is, you really shouldn't be reading food blogs.


Food GPS said...

It's hard to imagine straying from the pastrami at Langer's, but I like a good hash. Good idea.

sku said...

Try it. You won't be disappointed and you can get the pastrami next time...though be warned, it's very greasy.

D said...

Corn beef hash is the dish by which I measure all breakfasty diners.