Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stick a Golden Fork in Me (and throw in a grilled quail)

The Golden Fork is an Armenian restaurant in possibly the smallest strip mall in LA. A tiny two shop operation with a cramped couple of parking spaces (luckily, there is plentiful parking on nearby Serrano Avenue).

The staff doesn't speak much in the way of English, but all you really have to know about is grilled meat. A grilled combination plate yields lamb kabob, lamb chops and chicken kabob, but more importantly, ultra-tender and juicy beef and chicken lula kabobs. Far from the often overcooked dry rocks that often pass for the Middle Eastern sausage, the Golden Fork's lula kabobs pop with juice as you bite into them.

The grilled quail, also part of the combo, is among the best I've had. It's tender with a good rub over its thin skin, and peeling it open reveals a special treat -- the intact heart. The combination is served with home-cut french fries, the best of which are at the bottom of the platter where they've soaked up the grease from the meat. Add a big platter of rice, and wash the whole think down with a fluorescent green Tarragon soda.

There is a selection of traditional mezza at Golden Fork as well, and while I liked the labne, most of them were unexceptional. They also have grilled fish on the menu, which would be worth a trip back to check out.

The Golden Fork
5341 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029-1105
(323) 467-2224‎


Raven said...

Wow, this sounds amazing. I'm particularly intrigued by the quail with the intact heart inside. Sounds like a must-try!

Banana Wonder said...

i've always wondered about this place. good to know it's sku approved. mezzes make my day.

SinoSoul said...

Being a smartass, I must ask: are fries native to Armenian cuisine? Cuz Elena's served grilled quail with fries which made me freak. Apparently Montebello (across the freeway from my house) is an Armenian enclave, so I should really start eating more of these tasty birds.