Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mobile Dosas: Dosa Truck

These days, it's another day, another food truck. Recently, I was over at the Cheese Store of Silverlake buying some cheese when I happened upon the Dosa Truck. Another one of the new food trucks, the dosa truck serves...dosas, South Indian crepes. Apart from the unfortunate name, I particularly liked the "Slumdog" dosa. The Slumdog is essentially a saag paneer dosa, stuffed with fresh spinach, paneer, potatoes and their "Indian pesto," which appears to be a pretty standard mint & cilantro chutney. The crepe itself was very well done, crispy on the outside but nice and chewy. Less exciting, but still fairly good, was the Mumbai Madness masala dosa, which was filled with a potato curry similar to that commonly found in samosas; the filling was a bit on the bland side.

I also got an order of the masala fries. They weren't crispy enough and the curry ketchup accompaniment lacked enough tang for me.

All in all, a promising truck and one of the few ways to get some South Indian food north of Artesia.

Dosas are an ideal street food that you can munch on while you walk or shop. The truck parks at Sunset Junction every Wednesday which allows for a culinary hat trick: order a dosa, grab a cup of coffee at Intelligentsia and then head to the Cheese Store of Silverlake to pick up something special for dinner.

For other times and dates, you can, of course, follow the Dosa Truck on Twitter or their website..


Diana said...

With so many tempting options around Sunset Junction, it would be hard for me to settle for something from a food truck! Though I do admit that the Slumdog dosa doesn't sound like just some slumdog food. :)

Karaoke Steve said...

Corey Helford Gallery recently had an opening with the Dosa truck parked out front. They gave away free dosas to everybody. I had a sweet potato dosa that was surprisingly very Stevey.