Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mezcal Miercoles: Métl Añejo

Every now and then, Whiskey Wednesday crosses the border and is transformed into Mezcal Miercoles. Mezcal, as you may recall, is an agave based Mexican spirit. Most non-Tequila mezcals come from Oaxaca.

Today we are tasting the Métl añejo, 2002 special reserve. This mezcal is made from the espadin variety of agave, from which most mezcals are made. Métl is bottled by Jaguar Spirits, a Los Angeles area company which sources mezcal from Oaxaca (According to the company, métl is the Nahuatl word for agave).


Métl añejo, 2012 Reserva Especial, 40% alcohol ($43.99)

The nose is almost Laphroaig like, smoky and briny with some sweetness and a big hit of agave. The taste is smoky but much smoother than the nose with some salt and brine.

I really enjoyed the smoky qualities on this Mezcal. If you are a fan of smoky spirits, you should definitely consider picking some up.

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H. C. said...

I tried this at an event back in July, I remember it being some tasty stuff, but what made it memorable is their 2012 label/brand... I keep telling my friends "It's the Tequila of the Future!" ;)