Saturday, July 7, 2007

Did I do in the best pupusas in LA?

Last month, after several months of research at great cost to my cholesterol level if not my wallet, I published my LA Pupusa Roundup and named La Nueva Flor Blanca's amazing pupusa revuelta as the best pupusa in LA.

Last week, I went by, hoping for some of those porky, cheesy treats was closed, newspaper over the windows, gone. I feared the worst. I drove by all week long. Nothing changed and no one was answering the phone.

Then, I dug into the Health Department website, and sure learned that LNFB was closed for:
Gross contamination of utensils/equipment
Prevention of entrance and harborage of vermin
Vermin infestation

Now usually a place that the Health Department closes will open back up in a few days after a good cleaning and a visit from the vermin control guy, but for some businesses that operate on the edge financially, a closure spells doom. LNFB closed over a month ago and shows no signs of life.

I still hold out hope, maybe the family took the opportunity to take an extended trip back to El Salvador or Guatemala, where they are from, and will reopen their delightfully vermin-free pupuseria any day now. But each day the newspapers pasted over the door grow a little more yellows as my heart grows a little bit smaller and my arteries slowly unclog.

This raises for me an uncomfortable question, did I jinx La Nueva Flor? Am I the kiss of death? Will all of my favorites slowly whither and die?

If so, can I use this unholy power for good? Maybe I'll print some rave reviews about Pinkberry or the Cheesecake Factory to see if reverse psychology works on this otherwordly mojo.

My biggest problem now is where to go for pupusas, a staple of my diet. Luckily, I found the excellent La Pupusa Loca during my roundup (the picture atop is a few of their pupusas), but they still don't quite hit the high notes of La Nueva Flor.

So, if you know of a pupuseria I missed that should be taken seriously, drop me a line by email or in the comments. Meanwhile, I will keep everyone posted about any activity at La Nueva Flor.

And no Atlacatl recommendations please!

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