Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Whiskey Wednesday: Nose of Cow

Can you imagine what life would be like if we tasted everything the way that the experts taste whiskey....

Daisy Dairy, Lowfat Milk, 1% mbv (milkfat by volume), homogenized and pasteurized, 2007, aged in metal tanks.

The new Daisy Dairy 1% Lowfat joins the existing DD expressions (Whole, 2%, Skim and the Herders' Edition, Utter Strength). In addition, the milkmaster at DD tells me they will be issuing a new series of Single Cow expressions sometime next fall (Bessie is reputed to be the best).

Colour: White, but as with most milks, artificial colouring may have been added.
Nose: straw, grass, honey, a touch of Bovine Growth Hormone, then a big blast of cream followed by mild cheddar cheese.
Taste: Like non-dairy creamer, but richer, thicker, coats the tongue, then unsweetened ice cream, but less thick.
Finish: Sort of phlegmy.
Balance: A nice evening dram, good for the fox hunt or a leisurely smoke in the study, overall could benefit from a higher milkfat content. Would do very well accompanying a sandwich of sweet, partially-hydrogenated vegetable oils on chocolate flavored biscuits. A touch of water makes it watery.

This is a very young milk, and older is, of course, better so I aged mine in the carton for six months. (I stood it up and left the carton two-thirds full to avoid oxidation.) The change was palpable.

Score: 88.684758

Next Wednesday: A vertical tasting of Los Angeles County municipal tap waters.

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Dr. Whisky said...

This is hilarious. Nice work, Sku.
My friends and family all laugh at me because I instinctively stick my nose in everything, glasses of orange juice, tea, milk, etc. Never thought you could nose grass in milk, but here you go teaching me something new again...