Thursday, July 5, 2007

Favorites: NBC Seafood

Dim sum is one of my passions. Everywhere I go, I try the dim sum. I love pork buns, roast duck, suckling pig, sesame balls, sticky rice, custard cups, rice noodles, all the various dumplings and fried bits, and the occasional pair of chicken feet. I probably average ten to fifteen dim sum meals per year. In the LA/San Gabriel Valley area, I've been to: Empress Pavilion, Ocean Seafood, Ocean Star, Empress Harbor, 888, Mission 261, New Concept, NBC and Sea Harbor.

Sea Harbor is probably my favorite of the new school, more haute dim sum. For the old fashioned, bustling carts and busy tables, though, I always come back to NBC. Plump shrimp, a wide variety of fried dumplings, succulent roast duck, all the traditional dim sum done superbly. I've found that 10:30 is the ideal time to arrive on a weekend for maximum cart and food access.

NBC Seafood, Atlantic north of Garvey, Monterey Park.

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