Sunday, July 1, 2007

Favorites: Luckiest of Devils

Lucky Devils, on Hollywood Boulevard east of Highland, is a regular spot for me. I love the kobe bacon blue burger, the nicely browned fries laced with big salt crystals that I eat without condiments, the homemade breakfast sausage and creme brulee french toast on the brunch menu, the great selection of microbrews on tap and the flavorful veggie burger.

The Luckiest thing, though, is the marvel that is the Lucky Devil's toasted pecan milkshake. Now, let's start by clearing things up. This is not a milkshake. Yes, it comes in a big metal milkshake cup with a straw, but the straw is useless. It's a giant cup of LD's homemade vanilla frozen custard mixed with toasted pecans, topped with a generous squirt of whipped cream.

It reminds be of the "concretes" I used to get at the great Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard on Route 66 in St. Louis. A cup of custard mixed with toppings so thick (thick as concrete) that the server turns the cup upside down before giving it to's that thick.

The LD shake has an amazing flavor. The vanilla is subtle and you can really taste the toastedness of the pecans, and the shake is so large it should qualify as an entree.

There are other great desserts at LD's. You can get the plain custard, also excellent, on a delicious fruit cobbler. Kentucky cream cake is a giant slab of spice cake with a wonderfully creamy frosting and nuts, but I seldom get past the shake.

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