Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cheese Pick: Der Scharfe Maxx

This week's cheese pick is Der Scharfe Maxx, a pungent, raw milk, Swiss cow cheese made by the Studer Dairy and aged six months. I love this stuff. It really knocks you out with a deep stink, but the taste has everything you love about Swiss cheese, magnified by ten. Drink it with a sweet white wine, or better yet, beer...yum.


Anonymous said...

We just tried Der Scharfe Maxx on New Years Eve at a restaurant in Boston. We just loved it but can't seem to find anywhere to purchase it in our area. Do you know of anyone that sells it?
Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

yes! go to Russo's in watertown! They sell it a good price. you might want to call before you go there as they sometimes don't have it.