Thursday, March 3, 2011

Farmers Market Pork - Jimenez Family Farm

It's amazing how much protein you can get at the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market these days. A few years ago, it was just produce. Now you can get fish, oysters, bison, butter, cheese, pork, beef, sausages and more.

One of my favorite meat purveyors is the Jimenez Family Farm stand. Located on the east side of Ivar, north of Selma, it used to be my go-to place for lamb. Oh the lamb roasts and steaks I made from their gamy, domestic lamb. Apparently though, they no longer carry lamb, so instead I went for some pork. Well, the pork was as good as the lamb. A bone-in shoulder, roasted with a nice wet rub, turned crisp on the outside with sections of white and red on the inside. This was beautiful stuff.

They also have goat and rabbit, which I'll have to work up some never for as I've never before cooked them.

Check it out!

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Ken Tanaka said...

I got a goat shoulder steak a few weeks back when they were out of lamb. It's somewhat similar to lamb, but a wee less flavorful. Since it is baby goat, it is not gamy as you might expect....confirming my theory that everything baby is delicious, baby.