Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whiskey Wednesday: Sneak Preview of My New Podcast

Whiskey podcasts have been really catching on lately, so much so that I'm going into the podcast business myself. As far as I'm concerned, you just can't get too much whiskey news, so this will be a daily, two hour program. It may be unorthodox, but since I am still working with the technology to get this up and running, I am releasing my first script exclusively to my readers to get some feedback and constructive criticism. The script doesn't include the main story, only the introductory and concluding segments (the bracketed phrases are production notes). Now please keep in mind that while I've been blogging for a while, I'm new to podcasting so I've borrowed a few ideas from other podcasts, though hopefully it won't be too obvious.

Please let me know what you think. Here it is:


Welcome to DiageoCast, the 80 proof podcast featuring news and interviews from the world of whiskey, sponsored by Diageo, the company that owns all the whiskey.

Coming up in a few minutes, I spend 45 minutes nosing and tasting whiskey while you listen. Then I'll describe what I'm tasting and interview a barely intelligible Scottish guy. I'll also have the calendar of events, the emails of the week and the What I'm Drinking Today department.


Time now for the emails of the week, brought to you this week by Red Stag - it tastes like Cherry Coke. Our first email comes from John Birks of Cheraw, South Carolina. John writes, "Dear Sku, after my grandfather recently passed away, I found a bottle of something called Dewar's White Label in his attic. There is no date on the bottle but judging from the looks of it, it appears to go back to at least the late twentieth century. I don't drink Bourbon, so I would like to sell this bottle for several million dollars. Please advertise it on your program." Sure thing John, and I'm sorry to hear about your father. If anyone is interested in John's bottle, please email me or post a message on my blog or Facebook page.

Our next email comes from Big&manly, who writes, "You can be big BIG BIG, just click the link below." Thanks for the note Big&manly, and you're right, whiskey is really big these days, though I'm not sure what it has to do with your link; maybe you pasted the wrong one.

And finally, Dr. Clement Okon sent this email: "Dear Mr. Sku: I write to you in greatest confidence and in need for urgent assistance with disposal of $18 million from treasury of my nation of Nigeria. Please send your banking number and pin for 100% secure transaction and I will disperse to you." Well, thanks for the email Dr. Okun and I will send that information right away. It's great to have fans as far away as Nigeria, and I hope you are able to buy a few great drams there.


Time now for the calendar of events, brought to you by Southern Comfort. WhiskyLive Saudi Arabia opens on April 4 in Riyadh; Tom's Lounge in Toledo, Ohio is going to be pouring Johnnie Walker Red for $2 every Thursday in April from 2-4:00 pm; and five guys in Calgary, Alberta are getting together to drink a case of Canadian Club next Saturday night while their wives are out of town.

This week's calendar of events was brought to you by Southern Comfort: It's been a long time since that night in college when you got sick and passed out in your own vomit. Isn't it time to give Southern Comfort another try? SoCo - it's not just for vomiting anymore.



And now it's time for the What I'm Drinking Today Department, where I taste and score whiskey. For our first broadcast, I thought I would kick off with some famous drams.

The Black Bowmore is a world famous malt distilled in 1964. The nose has sherry, caramel and cinnamon. The flavor has peat, sherry and honey. This is one of the best whiskies I've ever tasted. I'm giving the Black Bowmore a score of 98.

Well, Black Bowmore isn't the only black whisky. Loch Dhu, from the Mannochmore distillery, is known as the "black whiskey" for its rich, dark color. The nose is of trash and rotting fruit. The flavor has vinegar and prunes. This is terrible, one of the worst whiskies I've ever tasted. I'm giving Loch Dhu a score of 92.


Well that's it for our first podcast. Don't miss tomorrow's episode when we talk to the guy who makes the nails that go in whiskey barrels.

Diageocast is brought to you by Diageo. It comes to you from the regrettably charming town of Hollywood, California. I'm Sku, reminding you that when you drink, please drink Diageo. Thanks for listening.


RegularChumpington said...

Two constructive comments:
- I think the Loch Dhu review is a bit harsh and will likely upset potential advertisers. I'd address that by making their score a more realistic and fitting 95.5, and that .5 down from 96 is merely a well-established technicality that all 70cl bottles get marked down. Probably should be more widely available as a 75.

- I feel like there could be more corporate sponsors mentioned. It would really help raise the profile.

**** and a subject matter point.

- I would like to request that you cover as soon as possible the substantial influence of sealed vs unsealed concrete floors in a cooperage on the final product. Sure, Glenmorangie insists that wood is important, but what about the place where the wood is assembled? For that matter, what about the saws used to cut the staves? Certainly the speed and profile of the blade have an effect on the heat of the wood and can drastically alter the flavor profile - how come no one's addressing this important issue?

Greg said...

Ok Sku...that was just plain funny. Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh.

sku said...

RC, the concrete flooring is a hot issue and a great idea for my next show. Did you know that most of the concrete is not even made in Scotland anymore?

David D said...

Ha ha! Oh....hey wait....:)

RegularChumpington said...

Sku, I've heard that about the concrete not being made in Scotland - or at least the aggregate and cement - but I've also heard insistence that the use of local water in the mixture is really the critical part. I really don't know what to believe so I hope you get to the bottom of this issue.

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical! Great post. I also thoroughly appreciate the mocking of Diageo. (See here for a dirty letter I wrote them: http://whiskybrother.com/2011/03/11/a-dirty-letter-to-diageo/)

What's even funny, is I am currently working in Nigeria, haha!


sam k said...

Funny shit, and oh, please buy Diageo!

Chuck Cowdery said...

I think it has potential. Is two hours daily long enough? And why isn't it a vblog? Don't you have a stone wall you can sit in front of? And what about the effect of global warming on whiskey maturation? (Oh, wait. Some people actually believe that one.) Okay, how about the effect of label glue on screw cap size?

sku said...

Thanks Chuck, great suggestions. No vlog, but I am actually planning a video documentary about LDI which I will call "Made and Bottled Near Kentucky."

lawschooldrunk said...

Sku, I love the loch dhu score and can't wait to hear about the nails!

I can't believe I didn't have you on google reader. Now I do.