Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whisky Wednesday: The Whiskeyist Manifesto

It's amazing how much great whiskey content there is on the webs these days. There are hundreds of blogs, great podcasts like Mark Gillespie's WhiskyCast and the K&L Spirits Journal podcast, and even vlogs.

One of the better sites out there, with one of the more original names, is Jason Pyle's Sour Mash Manifesto, which combines blogging and vlogging. Based in Tennessee, Jason is to American whiskey as Ralfy is to Scotch. He does on-line tastings of a variety of American whiskeys, along with commentary and interviews. His site has been on-line for about a year and is really hitting its stride. Recently, he did an excellent set of interviews, really extended conversations, with Four Roses Master Distiller Jim Rutledge, which is a must watch for any Four Roses fan.

Check it out!


Jason Pyle said...

Wow Steve, you are way too kind. Thank you so much for such a nice post. Running SMM been a great ride and I've sure enjoyed interacting with people that love a dram. Often times I've said to folks, "in my experience, most people that enjoy a good whiskey are people you want to know". I see that on my site and others like yours every day.

I've also gotten a better understanding and appreciation for guys like you that have been out here talking about whiskey and being an advocate for consumers for so long.

Anyway, thank you again. It's always great to be appreciated by great people that know there stuff. Here's to a lot more fun!



sku said...

Keep up the good work Jason!

sam k said...

Agreed, Sku...Jason is doing yeoman's work as go American whiskey blogs. Great stuff from a new and objective perspective. I read you both regularly.